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Breakfast potatoes and mindfulness

Posted by Amy Ostroff on Sunday, April 22, 2012,

Jonny has always loved breakfast best and I used to cringe when he would devour huge Denver omelets loaded with meat and cheese, along with a pile of greasy home fries.  He was headed to the Flyers playoff game this morning (Go Flyers, they just won!  Woo hoo!), and I knew he would appreciate a yummy breakfast before he left.  I made him some Veggs with tofu and the above potatoes.  I did add some of his beloved Field Roast Italian sausage and cheddar Daiya to the Veggs, but I kept the potato...
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First Vegan Passover

Posted by Amy Ostroff on Sunday, April 8, 2012,

Jonny's not in the photo, because he took it.

So, we had pretty much a vegan Seder, and it was a big success!  We did have several omnis in attendence, so everything was vegan except for the matzo ball soup, which my mother made, salmon, which my brother-in-law made, and a couple of the desserts.  Sadly, my two attempts at vegan matzo balls were a disaster.  The first try, I used a boxed mix and substituted "The Vegg," and the second time, I tried Isa Moskowitz's recipe using silken tofu and m...
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Vegan In State College Review

Posted by Amy Ostroff on Wednesday, April 4, 2012,

Jonny and Charlie outside of Aardvark Cafe, State College, PA

They have a separate vegan menu, prepared at a vegan workstation!

Jonny and Aardvark owner Brandon

We spent the weekend at Penn State visiting our big boy, Ethan, and weren't sure how the food situation would work out for us.  Well, we needn't have worried!  Things sure have changed in good old Happy Valley since The Big Sexy was a student there many moons ago. 

On the way to our hotel, we drove by a wonderful health food store called...

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Amy Ostroff a/k/a A vegetarian since age 10, I made the transition to vegan after seeing "Forks Over Knives" in May, 2011. I'm still pinching myself that Jonny is doing it with me!