Last month, Char Nolan invited me to a really cool event sponsored by Whole Foods Devon.  It was a Farm to Table demo by the one and only Christina Pirello.  Among the delicious dishes she made that night was a deceptively easy "chicken" (tofu) salad.  I knew Jonny would love it, and boy does he.... it has turned into his go-to staple to bring to tailgates for Adrienne's field hockey games.  I tried making it with fat-free nayonaise, but he begged for the full-fat version, so now I'm mixing the two (shhhh.....)  It allows him to feel like he's eating something indulgent while everyone else is chowing down on burgers and other junk, but he's really not being that bad.

As Christina explained, it's easier to buy the tofu, rather than bake it yourself, and the trick is to get a baked tofu that has a "skin."  There is a local company called Fresh Tofu, Inc. that has a plain baked tofu that works beautifully. 

Christina's "Chicken" Salad
Baked Tofu (each package is four servings)
Fat-free Nayonaise
Grapeseed Veganaise
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Salt and pepper

I didn't write down Christina's exact recipe, but this is the general idea.  Adjust the mayo and seasonings based on the amount of tofu you use.  Keep tasting :)  The most important thing is to slice the tofu on an angle, so it resembles pieces of real chicken.  Keep turning the tofu and cutting it from different angles.  At the demo, Christina told a funny story about how she once catered a vegetarian meeting and the people got upset because they thought she was serving real chicken.  The same thing happened to Jonny recently, when a vegetarian at his tailgate refused to eat it because it looked "too much like chicken."