Jonny and I had a weekend to ourselves, so we decided to mosey up to NYC.  Jonny has been feeling frustrated with his recent weight plateau, but we took a pass and had a good time.  Only 1 lb up each this am, so I guess it wasn't too bad.  Here's the run-down of our vegan food extravaganza.

Friday night, we lucked out with a 6 pm reservation at Dirt Candy.  It's so teeny-tiny that they need to use the dining tables as a prep area.  I know this because we got there an hour before our reservation.  They tell you if you are more than 10 minutes late, you risk losing your table, so I didn't want to take any chances.  We entertained ourselves in the cute shops nearby; Jonny even got himself a hat.  It was interesting to see the space transform into a cozy, mood-lit veggie haven.  The question we kept asking ourselves was, "how will it compare to Vedge?"  We really liked it a lot, but it was no Vedge.  The food was creative and tasty, but it isn't the kind of place we would go two nights in a row, which we have already done with Vedge!  

After a wonderful morning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, we met a dear friend for lunch at Candle 79, which many consider NYC's premier vegan restaurant.  It did not disappoint.  When we saw whole wheat spaghetti and wheatballs on the menu, we knew what Jonny was going to have.  I asked him if he would share and he said NO!  So Laura and I split an order and also the seitan burrito and a kale salad.   Everything was delicious.  

That night, we were slated for Pure Food and Wine, but we ended up getting tickets for Billy Elliot, so we needed to eat earlier and in the theater district.  I decided to give one of my old haunts a try.  Zen Palate was one of the few restaurants where I had a choice of what to eat as a vegetarian when I lived in NYC in the early 90s.  It looked different from my memory, but the food was really good.  We have discovered that vegans are a friendly bunch and we had a great time talking to the couple who sat next to us.  If you like music blogs, check out Brian's cool blog.

We loved everywhere we ate, but Sunday was super special, because we had plans with Vegan Pastry Chef Fran Costigan.  We met Fran a few months ago through Char Nolan from Whole Foods Market and she has been a wonderful Jonny O supporter.  Fran suggested an amazing little place called Sacred Chow in the West Village.  I don't know which was better, the food or the company, and that is a compliment all around!  We feasted on sunflower pate, fresh pressed vegetable juices, tofu frittata, sweet potato hash and french toast, chatting away.  It was a blast and we reflected on the way home, savoring the delectable goodies Fran created and gave to us when we said goodbye, how blessed we have been to have met so many interesting, engaging and vibrant people along this journey.