We used to go through a lot of microwave popcorn in our house.  Not very long ago, we used to get a couple different kinds (I know... I know...)  Ethan and Charlie preferred the movie theater style and I always liked the Pop Secret Homestyle with the butter and salt flavoring.  If American Idol or Survivor was coming on, Charlie would inevitably ask, "can we make popcorn?"  I cringe now to think of what crap we were eating.

With Jon's recent illness and hospitalization, I have succumbed to some stress eating, albeit of a healthier, E2-compliant manner.  The past couple of days, I have lost my appetite, but before that, I had gotten into a one-two punch of a couple squares of dark chocolate followed by a big bowl of popcorn.  But now, our popcorn looks a little different.  When we embarked on this new way of eating, I trashed all the oil and chemical-laden packets of nastiness in the house and bought a hot air popper.  Now, when the popcorn is freshly popped, we spray it with Bragg's and then sprinkle it with a combination of equal parts of raw cashews and nutritional yeast that has been pulverized in the Vitamix.  (This is the same mixture that Char Nolan presented as "cheese" for our pasta the night she was at our house.)  I used to love that Smartfood popcorn too, and this satisfies the same craving for the salty, yummy, powder on your fingers that you need to lick off that Smartfood does.  Charlie and Jon love it and we have even snuck some into the movie theater. 

Do you have a healthy stress food?  Bring it on!