I do believe that people can get used to almost anything.  When we were little, my sister, Susan, and I both had terrifically ticklish feet.  The summer that I was 10 and she was five, we had a stomach virus at the same time and weren't allowed to go outside to play.  We were so bored.  We came up with an activity to make each other's feet "immune" to being ticklish.  There is actually a photograph of us doing this somewhere, but we spent hours in yellow bean bag chairs with our feet in each others laps making the tiniest touches, giggling away.  It probably took a day or too, but we did it!

As goes feet, so goes tea.  Or so I am hoping.  Our darling Jonny has an affection for sweet drinks and my newest project is to get him off the sugar.  Thankfully, he has given up those evil pink packets that he used to dump by two and threes into the coffee he is no longer drinking.  As you can imagine, that made me practically hyperventilate.  Lately, he has taken to buying a bunch of sweetened teas like Honest Tea, which isn't completely horrible, but they still have too much sugar and I'm not thrilled about all the glass bottles.  He does drink a lot of water, but is always looking for something with "flavor."   

I thought I hit on something when I spied an oolong tea with mango and coconut at the store.  Doesn't that sound good?  It is made by Stash.  I brewed some up and chilled it in the fridge until it was nice and cold and put some on ice for The Big Sexy.  The verdict: "interesting."  Unfortunately, in Jonny-speak this translates to "I hate it."  I liked it and made some more, but he's not going anywhere near it. 

Does anyone have a suggestion for a tea that tastes sweet without adding any sugar?