Jonny and I are all-in vegan food-wise, but what about the rest of our family?  The two older ones are away at college and not terribly interested in exploring our new way of eating.  We hope someday, they might consider it.  Adrienne was home for a couple of days so we have a few eggs, cheese sticks and a Greek yogurt remaining that I need to give away.  Charlie is another story.  If you don't know him, he is pretty enthusiastic in general.  He also really likes and is proud of being different from other kids.  He loved telling friends that his birthday cookies were vegan and made with applesauce instead of oil.  He thinks its really cool.

This is not to say that his transition has been without challenges, but I am choosing to be relaxed about it. 
I've been vegetarian since I was Charlie's age and never cooked meat until I met Jonny six years ago.  My mom likes to tell people that when Charlie would visit her when he was little, he would say, "Meat, Mimi, Meat!"  When it became clear that Jonny's path would continue beyond the initial 28 days, I told Charlie that it was up to him what he wanted to eat.  We would have a vegan house, but if he wanted to eat something that wasn't vegan outside of the house, that was okay with me.  His father comes to visit him one weekend a month from New Hampshire and in the past, there was a lot of hot dog eating going on.  I knew making him feel badly about what he eats with his dad would not benefit him.  He came home from his last visit with the declaration that he was vegetarian for the weekend, so I consider that progress.

Luckily, Charlie was always a pretty good eater and has enjoyed tofu, whole grains and a variety of vegetables for years.  Here are some of the foods he is eating now:

Almond milk, pea protein, strawberry and banana smoothie
Scrambled tofu
Toasted whole grain bread with earth balance, cinnamon and a little sugar
Waffles made out of oatmeal and banana
Kashi cereal with almond milk

Lunch - I got him a bento box and he really loves it!  It has four sections so I always include fruit, some carrots or other veggie and a treat like a small slice of pumpkin bread or a square of dark chocolate.

All-time favorite: hummus in whole wheat pita
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Tofurky sandwich
Smart dogs cut up with ketchup to dip
Leftovers from dinner, today he got some baked beans

It also helps that Charlie likes to cook.  The other night, Jonny and I were going out and Charlie made his whole dinner.  His babysitter was amazed.  He made a beautiful dinner of tofu simmered in barbecue sauce, sauteed spinach and reheated rice.

It will be interesting to see how he evolves.  I am doing my best to make it fun and keep changing it up so two of my boys, the Big Sexy and little guy, look forward to their meals and are getting the nutrition that they need to be healthy and strong.