My dear friend and fellow wagoneer "V-secker" and I had plans to hear a speaker in Philadelphia last night and decided to stay over for a mini girls getaway.  We took advantage of the opportunity to have some amazing food!  

I had read about Royal Tavern in South Philly - our stop for lunch on our way into town yesterday.  It did not disappoint.  It is not all vegan but has several great options.  We shared a seitan burrito with guacamole and a tempeh reuben.  Both came with delicious fries and we tried not to eat too many of those... The reuben had Jonny's name all over it.  I can't wait to take him there.  

For dinner, we went to a restaurant we had both been to before, but not as vegans.  I told them that we were vegan when I made the reservation and we were delighted to be presented with this menu when we were seated:


Zahav is an incredible Israeli restaurant, consistantly ranked among the best restaurants in Philadelphia.  We had delicious hummus and laffa (pita) bread and a selection of eight different Salatim (salads).  I can't remember them all, but there was fennel, beets, carrots, they were all great. There were only a few other dishes that we could eat from the menu and we ordered a mushroom dish that was smoky and savory.  They brought us some grilled figs and crispy eggplant as a gift from the chef that I really liked too. Suffice it to say, we had plenty to eat!  We also enjoyed a pitcher of Lemonnanas: bourbon, muddled, mint, lemon and verbena.  Very refreshing and a wonderful contrast to all the garlicky goodness of the food.  The atmosphere is festive and I highly recommend it if you want to try something different.  

We wound up our vegan culinary whirlwind this morning with a visit to Grindcore House.  You will see from the link that there is no menu or information about the food and my research on Yelp and other sites did not tell me much, other than that they have bagels, sandwiches and lots of non-dairy creamer options.

Well, our last stop was a winner as well!  Where else can you find FOUR options for your coffee or tea? Soy milk, almond milk, soy creamer and coconut creamer, if I recall correctly.  Baked goods from Vegan Treats, lots of different cream cheese flavors, including jalapeno (which I could not resist on a whole wheat everything bagel.)  They have a terrific menu of sandwiches as well, and I brought home a field roast on ciabatta with pesto, onions and arugula for The Big Sexy.  They only thing I would change is the music... apparently Grindcore is a kind of metal-angry-screaming genre that my 44-year-old ears do not find very appealing.  The three times we have been at Blackbird Pizza, they are playing the same type of music...  hmmmm.... is this a vegan thing I don't know about yet?  But the food is SO GOOD, it is worth it!