I'm hopping on the wagon because I need a support system. I have always struggled with my weight. I was a small girl until my parents divorced when I was 7 years old. The weight started piling on until I was 207 lbs at the age of 12! I was so tired of being picked on that I decided to make a change. I lost 60 lbs in about a year (give or take). By the time I was 14 I weighed 130lbs and kept it off until I got pregnant (at 18..yes I am a young parent). I didnt go on a vegan diet to lose this weight, I simply watched what I ate (nothing fried, very little sweets, and LOTS of water) I was also very active; I played softball until I was 16 years old. Well, I ended up meeting the love of my life at 17, got pregnant at 18, and had my amazing bundle of joy Jayvion (Jay). I did manage to graduate high school with an advanced diploma, and was very proud since most of my senior year I was pregnant. After I had Jay, I went through post partem depression. I would sit at home, EAT, and watch TV. I didnt want to go out, all I wanted to do was stay at home with my baby. I was living with my mother who isnt the healthiest cook either. At my highest weight I was 275 lbs. I was disgusted that I was really ALMOST 300 lbs. My confidence went down, and I was literally sick of myself. Working at Whole Foods changed my life because I had the opportunity to attend the Engine 2 Immersion in Austin TX where I met the Esselstyn family. This immersion was a wake up call. I have had many health problems for my age (gallbladder removed being the scariest one), and also kidney stones. Learning how bad processed food is for you, and also meat really opened my eyes. The menu was not one I was a fan of. I have never been one for avocados, tomatoes, and green leafy veggies (which was the staple in a lot of the recipes). I gave it my best those 5 days at the immersion. By the fifth day I was doing great! When I got home I kept going strong for about 2 months, and then I gradually started eating some of the things that got me to where I was in the first place. Each time I ate something bad, I knew I was wrong, but it didnt stop me. And now, here I am today. I wouldnt say I'm back at square one, but I'm definately not where I want to be. I have lost 40 pounds, and I still dont eat nearly as bad as I used to, but it could definately be better! I need to do this for myself (of course), and also for my family. My son is a very active little boy, and I want to be there for all of his proud moments throughout his life. I want to be the confident young woman I was when I was in high school. And I want MYSELF back, because right now I have lost that connection with myself; when I look in the mirror the woman that I see is not who I want to be. I will begin this journey once again, but this time HAS to be the LAST time. PLANT STRONG BABY!!