I've been truly blessed. I have an incredible wife and three awesome kids. I am in love with them. And my two dogs (who I promised not to eat). And an incredible extended family and friends who want to see me succeed at this.

And now, the Jonny O Goes Vegan team. All helping me beat meat and get a heart-on.

But I want all of you to know I'm very serious about this.

I'm doing this because in June, I learned from my doctor who is also one of my best friends, that during the sleep study he ordered for me, I stopped breathing for 96 straight seconds, far longer than he's ever seen. And that my oxygen level was dangerously low during sleep.

I'm doing this because I almost passed out a few weeks ago walking up 440 steps to the top of a magnificent rock outcropping in the Blue Ridge mountains, near Asheville, NC.

I'm doing this because I wake up tired and usually stay that way.

I'm doing this because I spent quality time with my 89 year old, thin, Aunt Esther. She is the only one of my father's four sisters to remain fit and healthy. Aunt Esther outlived her three overweight, non-health-centric sisters. Aunt Esther did yoga and ran her whole life, pushed flax seed since the 60s, remains healthy and is still sharp and vibrant.

This reminded me that I've been fat my whole life and need to change, because my DNA is good.

I'm doing this because I need to put my wife, Adrienne, Ethan, Charlie and my family and friends ahead of ribs, cheese, burgers and, well, you know the rest.