I was down 15 by last Thursday, but I put one back on over the past few days.

The good news:
  • I am still all- vegan.
  • I have more energy.
  • I have been diligent with my exercise.
  • I got through a really tough weekend.
  • I am able to wear some of my 40 waist pants for the first time.
The bad news:
  • I knew I was eating too much this weekend....and I didn't stop.
  • I had a drink or two each of the past three nights and knew it would bite me in the ass.
  • I'm still way to big and have a long way to go.
  • I'm sad, my house is way too quiet and I miss My Boy.
Alright.......so today I'm getting right back on my Big Sexy gonna kick some ass track. Ethan is happy....so I can be.

I'm a week away from blowing through the 28 day challenge and for me, this is just the end of Stage 1, i.e., "The Beginning."

Onward and downward!