Since I was young, I quickly learned that the second half of almost anything was better. It started with school...I always liked finishing each year more than I liked starting it. Then sports, the second half of football games, hockey games, baseball games were always more exciting than the first.

Then as I matured into the immature man I've become, this lesson continues to be true. The second half of sporting events are still more fun. Who ever heard of 1st half overtime, or extra innings, or walk off homers or game winning Hail Mary tosses......or my favorite, overtime shoot outs in ice or field hockey.

And once you finally get relaxed and into a vacation state of mind, isn't the second half of vacation better? Who likes the first half of sex better than the second? You kiddin' me?

So now that I've finished my 28 Day Challenge, I've officially entered the second half of my journey. But, as all us fartin' vegans know...the only hard part is getting started! Yes, the second half of my vegan journey will be far longer, but the hard part is over. As far as worrying about my health....enjoying my kids and their wife. BAM....POW....ZAP....BOOM!

I'm going to rock through to 102.
I'm not kidding. I'm gonna be shovin' green shit down my pie hole while raisin' my flag up the pole, along with my never ending cussin', dancin', playin', laughin'....and just plain kicking ass and being The Big Sexy to the ripe young age of 102.......and then I'll figure out what I'm gonna do from there.

For now...28 pounds down....52 more to go.

ROCK ONward and downward!