Wednesday, October 12, Philadelphia Flyers Ice
Opening Night. Look closely, the little
guy in the orange/
black unitard is my 10 year old Charlie.

That's right, the Big Sexy is down 50 pounds in only 75 days. I have stuffed my pie hole with anything vegan I choose, exercised, and even with a couple of the bumps I've had in the past few weeks with my health...I'm leaner.....sexier...and back to exercising, feeling energized, loving my food and happy as shit to be healthy and thinner.

While I think I'll lose another 40 or so pounds, I look at my final weight not as a goal anymore, but as my true body equilibrium. I'm going to keep eating as I was meant to eat, and my body will take me where it really should be
. It's easier to have the first 50 pounds fall off when you're a fat shit like I WAS.....but now, I'm prepared for the loss to slow down and steady...but it's gonna happen.

Here are some other stats I'm only too freakin' happy to share. My neck went from 19.5 inches to 17.5. That means I'm outta the big and tall store and back to buying clothes where 90% of other men can buy them! I've lost 2.75 inches off my chest, 5 inches off my love handles, 3.5 inches off my waist and 4.5 inches off the biggest point on my belly.

More importantly, after the hospitalization and after being really sick for a while, I've been back on the elliptical for the past few days and while it's still harder than it was before I got sick....I'm on it, it will get easier, and the symptoms are long gone! And I'm also back to getting out, enjoying my beloved Flyers. I'm back to loving a night like last night, where we went out to our favorite restaurant (that answered our challenge to feed us vegan instead of the meat I always ate there), we drank wine and laughed until late with some of our best friends...and life seems to have gotten back to normal for the Big Sexy. (Ironically, my boy Michael that we were with last night was the genius that came up with "Big Sexy.")

One more fun fact. I currently weigh 228 pounds. I haven't been under 230 pounds since 1996. That year, it took about 5 months to get from 260 to 225. I did it starving myself, with the help of meds and a bullshit diet. The weight returned almost as quick as it came off. AND I was only 36 then.

Now, as I go from 51 years old and head back towards the 30's again, I'm fuckin' sexy, healthy and loving this way of getting back to my body's intended equilibrium....and it's happening faster than when I was 15 years younger and depriving myself on a temporary diet.

Like I said on Day 1, "Feeling great is more important than the food I just ate."

Onward and downward!