A loved one, who was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer about 7 weeks ago underwent major surgery today. At the time of the diagnosis, her oncologist told her to stop taking her estrogen (HORMONES). So I'm sitting in the waiting area hoping to see the surgeon soon, because the sooner he comes out, the better the procedure went.  Thankfully, he came out early. The surgery went great. The cancer was limited to her uterus as we all hoped would be the case. In his words, "she's cured."

Here's the wild part. Let me preface this with what I always tell my kids...."There are no coincidences."

As we were waiting, I was talking with her son and daughter and OF COURSE, I was talking about ME. They had been following the blog and were very interested in my journey...and I love talking about me! Her daughter asked me..."What's wrong with milk?" I just started to tell her about the hormones and all else, when the doctor entered with the good news.

He told us that in the 5-6 weeks since he diagnosed her, he told her to stop taking the estrogen (hormones) and by doing this, she actually reversed her cancer. It was limited to her uterus. It was less than they saw on the films. They got it all.

I love her and am psyched by this news. But when he mentioned the impact of stopping the hormones, her daughter looked both happy and astonished.

Who'd of thunk it...the Big Sexy tells her about the dangers of hormones, when we are interrupted by the doctor and we learn that by stopping them...this woman we love just reversed her cancer.

We're on to something Wagoneers. Weight is only part of what's good. We're getting control of our lives!