Ahhhhhhh, the sins of the open highway. In days gone by, I would have gone from my coffee and Egg McMuffin (or two) to Wendy's or heavy sushi lunch, then dinner was anything with a big honkin' piece of meat. All without dirty looks from Mrs. Sexy!

BUT NOT THIS VEGAN...NO WAY....NOT THE BIG SEXY.  Once me and my cooler hit the highway, I was chowin' down on my beloved kale chips... a PB & J on sprouted grain bread, fruit and vegan almond yogurt.

And here was the best part....if I started to run low on fuel, I'm pretty sure I could have stuck my fat ass up against the gas tank and let those veggie farts rip and lord knows how many more miles I could have gone. Seriously, I'm glad it was just me because I jammed my tunes and had a fart fest.

I'm feeling good. Productive. Healthy. Happy. The Big Sexy is rockin! How's the rest of the Vegan Wagon Gang doing?