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Michael Pollan can EAT ME!

Posted by Jonny V on Tuesday, January 31, 2012,

I never heard of the guy. Maybe you never heard of him either. BUT, he DID write the book WAS on the NY Times Best Seller list....he IS smart...he IS a fancy "food expert"...and all I have to say is EAT ME MICHAEL POLLAN!

OK...I JUST took a breath...I calmed down...I did my OHMS.

But the truth is, I hate sell outs. I know I'm a long way from perfect. Even with my vegan lifestyle..I know I can do better. I'm still not paying enough attention to fats...sweets...alcohol. I'm way better...
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The Big Sexy is BACK.....HELLO 2012

Posted by Jonny V on Monday, January 9, 2012,

Ostroffs at the NHL Winter Classic (I'm thinner than I look...
5 layers of clothes under my jersey

I hope all my fellow vegans had a great New Year and that all my carnivore friends and family reading this feel like shit!

Lots to report.

The cruise went well...but I was dying to get back to land and to get back to my routine. After 5 months of getting on a great track, I did eat too much...I did drink too much...but I'm still a happy and die hard vegan.....and damn proud of it!

Mrs. Sexy and I di...

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