I really relate to this picture. Breaking through the wall to blue skies, beyond bricks on the ground like the crap we have to overcome to transform ourselves towards better health. My bricks are lifelong bad eating habits, a lack of long term exercise, being work obsessed and more recently, overcoming my health setback.

My recent "wall" was a tough one for me to break through. I was convinced that once I left the hospital, I'd be fine. I worked a lot harder than I should have in order to catch up for lost time in the office...harder than the doctor wanted me to work. So I ran myself into the ground and for a few more weeks, I was rundown and not myself. Finally, last week, I felt well, completely well and back to myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't exercise for about 5 weeks, because trying to do this too soon was part of what caused me to become run down.

And getting out of my exercise rhythm made everything else harder.
According to my scale, I put on about 5-7 pounds, though I'm pretty sure I put some water weight on again while under the weather. The work stress felt worse. I felt "out of sorts". I was still vegan, but eating some heavier things that derailed me from my "Onward and Downward" track.

But that shit is behind me. I've felt great the past 4-5 days. I'm exercising again. I got back on the scale this morning and am now down 46-47 pounds and with my exercise back in my routine, I'm back on track.

So today....on National Vegan Day......I'm going with this: Over the past 90 days, I've knocked off an average of a 1/2 pound a day and I'm thrilled.

By the end of my fourth month...I am sure I'll be well beyond the 50 pounds lost that I reached a few weeks ago and on my way to the "equilibrium weight" I can't wait to attain.

One more thing. I had my first follow up with my Infectious Disease doctor last Wednesday. He ordered more blood work. He ordered a repeat whole body CAT Scan for a month from now. He said that because my abdominal lymph nodes were inflamed, he wants to do a new study and compare both to make sure that the inflammation has improved. If not, he wants to do a laparoscopic surgical biopsy procedure to rule out lymphoma. At first..that kind of scared the laparosopic shit out of me. But then, I pressed him for odds and he said that because I'm getting better as fast or faster than he expected and because my other lymph nodes aren't inflamed...it's more likely related to the virus I had and nothing more.

Last week, I took a very bright, medically astute, holistically oriented friend of mine to the hockey game. When I told him this about these abdominal lymph nodes, he said something interesting ...and I'd love feedback from any of you on this. He said that my abdominal lymph nodes are working overtime because I'm detoxifying from this transition into being plant-strong. It makes sense, especially since my other ones aren't inflamed, just those associated with my digestive system.

In my heart, I believe I'm back to great health and fine. Logic doesn't support the doctor's only remaining concern being any more than that, a concern that he rules out next month. But do any of you buy my buddy's theory?

Anyway, life is good...no it's fucking great. The Big Sexy is back to kicking ass, knocking down walls, eating right, farting like an exploding, plant-strong volcano and loving life....and appreciating all of you for your support, feedback, concern and friendship.

Onward and downward!