The Big News for The Big Sexy...A Clean Bill of Health!

Happy snippets for The Happy Big Sexy!
  • Last week was a good week. I had my last follow up with the doctor that treated me at my second hospital stop and The Big Big Healthy! The inflamed lymph nodes are no longer inflamed. The enlarged spleen is no longer enlarged. My lungs were a mess and partially collapsed, but no longer. Even my liver, which was enlarged for the past few years even before I got sick, due to my obesity and poor eating habits, is now pristine and relative to normal liver as well.
  • My son came home with 12 college friends to spend last weekend at home raising money for cancer. They worked hard...and ate like shit. Cheese steaks, chicken wings, pizza and more. Amy and I prepared for the onslaught by grabbing great salads and vegan Indian food from the salad bar at Whole Foods. By the time the little carnivorous chow hounds got to our house, we were stuffed and ready for the smells and foods of yesteryear. I'm not really sure this paragraph is meaningful, but I promised Ethan's friends that if they'd like my blog, I'd give them a holla! So here's my quid pro quo PSU gang. Now stop eating shit!
  • There is a new vegan restaurant in Philly that is off the charts. It's called Vedge and it's owned by a great couple who used to have the best vegan restaurant in Philly and took over the awesome new space to expand their creativity yet again. It's over the top elegant and different, including a "veggie bar" with an incredible array of veggie options uniquely and beautifully prepared. The chopped Brussels sprouts with a mustard sauce was my favorite. Rich and Kate are the owners and we were treated like family from the time we got there until the time we left. The desserts were sinful, unique and memorable. We had a meal for the ages.
    •     We live almost an hour from the restaurant. It was so good we made a reservation for the following night before we left. That was because our 10 year old Charlie was devastated that we'd go without him, so we thought nothing would make him happier than to know we would return with our little vegan man. He liked it as much as we did. You should have seen the smile on his face when Mommy woke him the next morning for school and told him we were Vedge-bound. He told all of his teachers and as it turns out, one of them had been there and told us to try the mushroom dish. Again, memorable.
  • Our trademark application for our "Beat Meat and Get a Heart On" tee shirts was rejected due to it being "vulgar and lewd". Show me one vulgar and lewd word in that entire phrase! What geniuses we have making these decisions. They'll approve something brilliant and clean like "Eat Shit and Die" or "Fat People are Hard to Kidnap" or "Paddle faster, I hear banjos" but "Beat Meat and get a Heart on" is offensive?
Here's one for our friends down in the trademark trenches in Washington........."Eat me, I'm Vegan!"

Onward and downward!