Hi Fellow Veeeeeeeegans. That's starting to roll off my tongue!  Busy 12 hour day. Lots of energy, some stress, feeling great. Exercise, veggie/fruit drink, kale chips, fruit, carrots/celery hummus lunch
(not great), soba pasta w/oil -free pesto, watercress salad, and cauliflower/chickpea dinner....all awesome. Then my Mrs. Sexy added a vegan blueberry cobbler from Engine 2 Recipe that made Big Sexy a happy, plantstrong vegan. Given the long day, feeling great, feeling filled. I've got more quality crap comin' out of my ass then a politician has coming out of his mouth.  Oh, and my doctor told me I'd be starting bp meds (150/92) if I wasn't starting this. Tomorrow I get my baseline blood work. Long travel day after that. I'm READY!  How are the rest of my vegan friends making out? Good food? Quality turds? Gassy?