Happy Birthday My Beshert!

"Forever will never be long enough for me.....to be in love with you...."

What gift can possibly thank you enough Sweetheart…..you saved my life!

After all the concern you expressed over my health. After all the love you poured over me in an effort to get me to stop (eating) and to listen to you….your persistence finally got me to take control of my life.

You are always behind me, in so many ways. You have my back. You push me to be a better man. You inspire me. Every day, all the time, you smile a smile at me that reminds me of these things. You are the essence of grace.

So on this day, your birthday, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. For loving me enough that you refused to give up on me. For making me believe that at least in my case, there’s only one person on this earth that was meant to be mine…..and I found her.

Thank you Amy for all you’ve given to me. You are My Baby….and now, thanks to you, we’ve got many more years to follow our dreams….create great memories….inspire others…..and eat tofu.

I love you.

Happy Birthday Honey. You are My Beshert….always.