That smile! Always a smile. My Little Man Charlie hits double digits today.

No matter what we're doing, no matter where we seem to be, we can count on Our Little Man to be there, smiling, ok with everything and anything. And now you're becoming Our Big Man!

Always in the middle!

Recently, our Charlie wanted to watch Forks Over Knives, because he heard me and Amy talk about it so much. He watched it from beginning to end...captivated. Afterward...he proclaimed, "I'm gonna be a vegan too."  I was just glad he didn't want to know what the guy meant by raising his flag!

After his birthday party with his friends, he went with his Grandmom to NY to sleep over at his cousins on Sunday night (Monday was Labor Day). He loves seeing his 8 year old cousin Sarah and her sisters. It only took about an hour for my sister in law to email Amy. Here it is:


Sarah was crying tonight because Charlie told her that if she eats meat and dairy that she is going to have a heart attack and die of cancer.  I think she thought that would happen soon.  I talked to her about it and explained what I thought he meant.  I didn't say anything to him because I don't want him to feel bad, but maybe you need to talk to him about sharing this a little more gently, especially to his friends at school.  fyi... sort of funny, but she was really upset.

So yes, we had to speak to The Little Man about how he spreads the word. But as much as we felt awful about Charlie scaring our beloved niece.....we were howling out loud about his attitude.

Hmmm....I wonder where he got THAT attitude from!

Anyway, Happy Birthday My ChaaChee.....I love you son! Enjoy your new guitar....and I LOVE the way you hammer out the first few note of "Sweet Home Alabama." You're awesome!