It started Saturday night.  What began as a stiff neck quickly turned into almost unbearable chest pain.  My weekend reunion with college friends and family suddenly went south.  My cousin who I was with is a doctor, and insisted that I get to the hospital.  While based on the symptoms, it made sense, based on my recent history, it made no sense.  I went from losing weight, eating right and intense hour-long cardio workouts, to not being able to reach the button on the rail on my hospital bed.

Knowing that the hospital protocol would require admission and a battery of tests, I decided to push myself into driving home, which took about three hours.  Once I got home, the pain was brutal and Amy said I looked ashen.

While the pain has been unbearable at times, there were only a few extreme moments when I really believed that my heart might really be the problem.  this is the beautiful thing about investing in your health.  I was pretty sure my deposits would pay off and that this would turn out to be some kind of weird muscular thing.

All the heart and lung tests were negative and it seems at this point that unless the neck and chest MRI shows something unexpected, I have a severe case of Costocondritis and probably did it pulling a 40 lb cooler 3-4 miles at the game on Saturday.  The irony was, that my three fat-ass friends who were with me, constantly complained about the distance we were walking and how tired they were.  Yet the Big Sexy was the only one pulling anything and I was hundreds of yards ahead of them the whole time, feeling great.  At some point, I strained or tore some muscle away from my chest wall and directly over my heart.

The Big Sexy should be discharged tomorrow.  This could take a while to heal, but not for a Plant-Strong maniac like yours truly.

Its a great feeling to be able to trust the way I've treated my body at a time when the symptoms are sending mixed messages.

Onward and downward and out of the hospital ward.

Jon Ostroff is the founder of Ostroff Injury Law, a personal injury law firm in Pennsylvania. He current working in partnership with other leading law firms to investigate testosterone related heart attacks.