My goal here is to keep it real for those following or even considering this journey. While I believe I may be evolving spiritually, I know I'm still an immature dumbass at heart.

With this being said, as I'm sure most of you have tired of hearing about my "gascapades"... I wrote about this phase because the noxious emissions were endless. Until yesterday....when they suddenly "materialized" and I mean "MATERIAL-ized". That's right, what was gas is now substance. Crap is flying out in every color in the spectrum. It's so vicious, I'm wearing a helmet into the throne.

And I don't know much....but I know this....these badboys have weight....and with each passing turd comes passing pounds. So let the potty blitzkrieg continue.

On another note, I want to share one of my best friend's lines: "When someone tells you 'It is what it is,' what they really mean is 'It is what it isn't!' "  Nobody ever won a lottery and said "It is what it is." But when they lose and are in the midst of tearing up their ticket, then "It IS what it is!"

This is what I used to say to myself when I'd look at my big, fat, unhealthy body.

Each time I'd avoid the scale...."It is what it is."

Each time I'd rationalize a shortened life...."It is what it is."

It was what it was because I convinced myself I had no choice.

That's a bunch of shit!

Now it's something new. "It is what it isn't."  It isn't out of my control......It isn't  meant to be......It isn't a life sentence.

Plant strong baby.....plant freakin' strong.