Seems we have other Vegan wannabes. So for all of you, who are ready to tighten your belts (hopefully for good) and dive, with me, into a world full of kale, jicama, tofu, mung bean sprouts and fake cheese…..Join me, won’t you?

The Vegan Wagon is pulling out of the station on August 1. Get your fat ass on Big Sexy’s Vegan Wagon and get your fat ass friends to cheer you on. Maybe they’ll see you shake some cellulite out of your ass and decide to jump on in September.

Paul Papadopoulos is the first blog contributor who wants to throw his fat ass into the ring. Get on the Wagon, Big Paul! And what about Elle’s father, can she get him to substitute raw cashews and chia seeds in place of his beloved Twinkies and milk? (Stay tuned)  

It’s fat-free and really free! In fact, you get money back in your pocket by stuffing your pie hole with cheap veggies instead of expensive steak, lobster and foie gras.
Here’s how it works:

1. We've added a tab to this site called Vegan Wagon.
2. Come up with your own website, blog, private Facebook page or Twitter account and get your friends to follow, support, and/or abuse you into succeeding at eating right.
3. Email the following to
a) your user name
b) a brief bio
c) a photo
d) your link to whatever you are using (from part 2 above) to draw attention to your fat ass
* See my example of a Vegan Wagon listing at the "Vegan Wagon" tab on this website.
4. Then stop eating dead things and bad fat on August 1 and if you succeed for 28 days, you will make the Vegan Wagon Level Two Team.  Eventually, we'll set up a Vegan Wagon Hall of Fame and those who sustain will be hallowed for achieving greatness.

Official Big Sexy Vegan Wagon Certificates, made from recycled (non-edible) paper will be awarded to those reaching the Vegan Wagon Hall of Fame.