Every day CAN'T be paradise. Today was my first valley, my first REAL challenge. In the office, I was swamped and stressed and it was a classic day where I'd hit the vending machine down the hall and mindlessly grab the candy that's sitting on counters wherever I look. So I decided to take charge. Here's the memo to my entire office:

Dear Staff,

Today I had a day of weakness. I day-dreamed about the contents of the candy vending machine. I struggled a bit and temptation flirted with me. BUT I PERSEVERED AND REMAINED PLANT STRONG!

When everyone was gone, at about 6:30 tonight, I emerged out of my cave and it was just me and the 38 mint lifesavers, along with the 51 hard candy colored ones, in the dish in the foyer to my left.....and the tropical, family sized Mike and Ike box on the ledge adjacent to Paula's desk to my right.....and, as it turns out, the Mike and Ikes were slid under the box of salt water taffy that's finally dwindling to a few...finally.  And Karen R., don't think I missed that family box of Sweet Tarts that was sitting on the receptionist ledge the past two days.

So now, for the sake of your fat boss who is trying to get healthy, I am asking all of you in the name of supporting me in my plant strong journey, to get rid of ALL of the goodies. Shove 'em in your drawers, shove 'em in your mouth, whatever you want, whenever you want, in any amount you want...but please just get them out of sight. Just keep 'em in your drawers so they don't end up expanding my drawers....

We won't lose any clients over this.....and if we want to start a fruit offering and leave ANY fresh fruit out for all, all the time...its on me.

This is all I ask to support my dream of getting healthy. Thanks everyone.