She's the goalie, #98.

The bond between a father and a daughter is unique. It's a gift, but not easily earned. For me at least, my daughter's love had to be earned. She's easily let down, hard on me at times and hard on herself always. I've seen many dads give up on the work it takes to build the bond to bridge their daughter to them. But for those of us that persisted, for those of us that worked through it, for those of us that loved them come hell or high was worth every fight, every moment of frustration. With a daughter's love comes a pride and level of joy that's indescribable.

Like any proud parent, I'd love to take credit for all she's done...already. But the truth is, she did it all herself. Sure, I shared my passion for sports with her, coached some and watched her often. But to become what she has become, to excel at the level she has, took far more than anything I did.

My daughter works harder to be good at what she loves than anyone I've ever known. She's athletic, but her greatness is more a result of intense discipline and commitment than anything else. She's been passed over and disappointed....and all too frequently, kicked when she's struggled. But she has never, ever given up on her dreams. Because of this, she was able to attend the school of her dreams, played four years in an athletic program she treasures, achieved greatness on many fields and opened up the career door that matches her passion.

And I'm telling you about her, here, because as much as I hope I've given her the best of me....I have certainly learned so much from the best in her. If she can fight through adversity to get where she has....the least her Old Man can do is fight through my struggles, my temptation, my propensity for "plumptitude" a way of showing her I support her.....instead of just telling her I support her.

And since I know the best for my Adrienne is ahead.....I damn well plan to be around.....healthy, happy and active, to share and enjoy all that her hard work will bring her. And to scare the shit out of any man that isn't worthy of her.

It's the least I can do for a kid that has done so much for me.