Recognize any of the first four faces? Go from right
to left.
White Jersey(sucks); Orange jersey(#1);
front row-Big Sexy;
front row-Mrs. Sexy

So this was the place of our first date. I knew there was something different about My Amy from our first few amazing phone conversations. I never took any other woman to my hallowed ground on the ice on a first, second or third date. In fact......I think the only female I ever sat in these seats with before Amy was my precious daughter!

But she was a vegetarian, so I sucked it up that night and instead of woofing down roast beefs and cheese or barbequed pork sandwiches at the food stands, we went to a restaurant before the was an Indian place in town. BTW, I love Indian now, but then, I think I had it once before. But I went with Amy on our first date, because my feminine side told me it would impress her and balance out me banging on the glass at the game, mocking the opposing players, dancing after each goal and yelling at my Flyers to "kick their ass". 

It worked.

And I guess because she was clearly a "classy chick," I behaved more than usual at the game. I didn't show my belly to the other players during warm ups. I didn't spill beer on myself. I didn't toss down another sandwich or crab fries. And the only dancing I did was with her at some weird place she wanted me to go with her after the game.

But now, nearly 6 years to the we are again. My Flyers sucked last night, but we had a ball. The difference was that the only thing we bought at the game was a hat, a water and a beer. We hit an amazing vegan pizza and sandwich shop in town before the game. We were both psyched for it. I would have misbehaved but my team played like shit so they didn't provoke me to get riled up.

The point? The Big Sexy has to plan a bit more and think ahead about what I'll be stuffing down my pie hole on game nights. I eat early and healthy
before I leave my home or office by 6 pm to head down to the arena and I feel great for the rest of the night. As long as the Flyers kick ass....all is well thereafter.

I still love my team and these games as much as ever.  I might buy an apple or soft pretzel at the arena. I don't trust the vegan burgers there and they are on white bread anyway, which we try and avoid. Those are my only vegan arena options. My buddies that I take with me aren't used to dining alone....but fuck 'em, they're my guest and they can eat whatever they want and I urge them to do just that.

In the meantime, with my new unbridled energy, I'll keep banging the glass, smooshing my diminishing bare belly up against the glass to irritate and distract the opposing players, cursing the refs, talking hockey with my Flyers hockey family that I've sat near since my kids were little, drinking and spilling the new pumpkin wheat beer they just put on tap and watching my boys march to the Stanley Cup.