It's been a while since Jonny or I have posted, but please have no fear... we are still on a relatively righteous eating path, just really busy.  I thought I'd post from his blog so more people will see it.

We had a wonderful day today, but it didn't seem like it would be that way from the way it started.  

I had been meaning to try the vegan brunch at 7165 Lounge ever since Vance Lemkuhl wrote about it in his Daily News column in February.  Jonny and Charlie were both excited when I told them about it this morning and I checked on their website and saw something about brunch today, June 3.  We only live about 20 minutes away, so it didn't take a long time to get there. Unfortunately, there must have been some kind of emergency, because when we arrived, the place was open, but there were no staff people - just a few other confused potential patrons.  I hope we can try it again sometime.

So, there we were at a little past noon with empty bellies and no plan.  The Big Sexy was about to get Big Cranky.

I did a quick search of the surrounding area on my phone and the only other good option I could find, Nile Cafe, was closed for a party until 3 pm.  A nearby deli had a hummus wrap and smoothies, but Jonny wasn't thrilled with that prospect.... thankfully his good humor was still intact.

We hadn't been to Manayunk in a while and I had heard that the Couch Tomato Cafe was pretty vegan-friendly.  Before driving over there, I gave them a call and the manager, Michael, was really sweet and told me they had vegan chili and could alter some salads.  After I asked about their pizzas, he said, "oh yeah... we have vegan cheese."  Funny that he didn't mention that without me asking, but I was so happy that we had somewhere viable to go that I didn't care.

Driving into Manayunk, we saw a bunch of people standing on a bridge and then noticed a lot of cops and streets barricaded.  It was the day of the Manayunk Bike Race!  Charlie is a total biking fanatic and we are actually taking the whole family on a bike trip in Italy in a couple of weeks, so it seemed like kismet.

Mere minutes later, we were ensconced at a fabulous table overlooking Main Street with the bikers going right by us!  The food was great too.  We had a delicious salad of arugula, strawberries, slivered almonds and coconut which I will definitely be recreating at home.  The salad came with a non-vegan poppyseed dressing, so we got balsamic vinegar instead and it was so yummy.  We also got three pizzas with vegan cheese (sorry Char): one with guacamole, black beans and mushrooms, one with spinach, broccoli rabe, garlic and mushrooms and a plain one for Charlie. 

It was awesome!  We got to see the bikers ride by us twice and the food was great.  It ended up being such a great day!