This picture was taken yesterday with my son and his buddies. I love these peckerheads and they love to taunt The Big Sexy!

My boys have been away at camp this Summer.  We really missed them. The tall one in the picture is one of my two sons.  One of the few good things about them being away is that it made it easier for me to transition into vegandom.

My big guy in the picture starts college in a week so we've decided to try our best to be a positive food influence, serve healthy foods at home, but he will choose his food at college. Our little guy has many more years at home. We are going to push hard to get him on the vegan wagon.

The point is, these are challenges I had concerns about. It's easier not to miss meat if nobody at the restaurant table is eating it. It's easier not to miss eggs if I'm not smelling them. So I wanted to be well on my way into the 28 day immersion before the Peckerheads came home.

So here's the good news.....a couple of things actually.

1) My boys will thoroughly enjoy hearing their father fart around the house with every other step I take.

2) Watching my big son eat meat at the restaurant had no impact on me! I was simply enjoying him enjoying his first good meal in a few months. I still don't miss meat.

3) Last night I had a couple of beers. I caught a little buzz. I got the munchies and I thoroughly enjoyed my dehydrated kale a/k/a "The new meat." Weird as it sounds, I was very proud that something so healthy was so satisfying.

4) My 9 year old Charlie seems to be buying in and wants to be on the vegan wagon.

I am nearing the halfway point in my 28 day immersion. However, to me, at this point, feeling as good and energetic as I do, it's lost a lot of it's significance to me. It's just the first month of the rest of my life. I feel more sure then ever that this is no "challenge" at all. In fact, that's what's so great about this. I love the food I've been eating. I don't feel bloated or too full. I don't feel guilty. I feel like the Big Happy Plant-Strong Sexy and I'm ready to kick some ass.