El Santuario do Chimayo...in Chimayo, New Mexico

Amy and I LOVE New Mexico. To us, it's the most unique part of our country. The culture, like the architecture....is an example of "perfectly imperfect" that we have come to love. To us, few styles of architecture are cooler and less perfect than adobe.... which is really revealed by the fascinating and famous church in this picture. Here, there's not a perfect corner, not one precise 90 degree angle, anywhere in this structure. And by the way, if you ever travel through this area, this Church, in Chimayo, New Mexico, is about as interesting and cool as it gets. The dirt is holy, and people travel from all over the world to run it through their fingers and hope it heals them. (Personally, I think they should just stop eating all the shit and save the dirt for a cool jar on their mantle....or plant some veggies in it and see where that takes them!)

Anyway, Chimayo reminds me of my view of the road ahead for the Big Sexy.
Screw Perfection...imperfection is just fine as long as I'm true to myself.

As I said 45 days ago, on August 1, 2011, "My name is Jonny O, The Big Sexy....and I am a plant strong, vegan." I made a commitment to myself, to my family, to my friends...and since then, to the thousands of new friends who have followed my escapades, supporting me with kind words, recipes, ideas, philosophies, and some of you, a/k/a my Vegan Wagoneers, have joined me in becoming plant strong.

I have come to believe in Rip Esselstyn's words to me when we first met...

      "Don't just try it, commit to it totally for 28 days, then decide if you want to continue.       It's the only way."
For me, as an undisciplined, hedonistic, oh yeah and fat, carnivore...I needed to do something and this made sense. All or nothing, baby, bring it on. The Big Sexy can dance.

I have NEVER done anything halfway in my life, NEVER. For better or for worse, moderation was never my thing...and this isn't a virtue! The Big Sexy is "Mr All or Nothing."  Indeed, I'm color blind... but it's only to one color, I can't see gray. So this black and white "either you're in or you're out style journey" suited me.

Ironically, being plant strong isn't nearly as radical to me as it sounds to those I tell about it. And this is what I need to start sharing. It's really not a big deal!

Cancer is a big deal. Heart disease is a big deal. Diabetes, big deal (in my family especially).

Missing my kids grow and succeed....and not being there to help them when they need a push,  or when they fall...not being there to remind them how proud they make me or how unconditionally I love them........big fuckin' deal.

Eating grains and veggies and pasta instead of steak and butter and eggs is just not as important as this stuff.

I feel great. I'm now living responsibly. I'm acting more as a loving father and husband should. And I'm still having fun as the "Big Sexy"...embarrassing those I love as often as I can get away with. My response..."Back off man, I'm a freakin' vegan."

And maybe, just as importantly, I'm now clearer on what a bunch of shit "perfection" is. I think it's an excuse to be way too hard on ourselves. I will not eat meat, fish, eggs, or dairy. It's that simple. If I want a drink, or a pasta dinner, or a vegan French toast like I craved this morning, even if it means I get to my goal weight a bit further out...I'm still living "right."

For me...I plan to simply stay on track....to hell with perfection. Tracks come in all different shapes and allow for variations in pace, lane, direction and you can take a break and still be on it. Just no meat, fish, dairy and eggs.....and as little oil as possible. More exercise. Stay on track....screw perfection.

This is now who I am. And now that the first journal I've ever kept is the most personal yet public thing I've ever written.....anything I can do to help keep you on track...or hear from you to keep me on track....is what this blog will evolve into.

My promise is to keep it "real" as in real honest, real candid, real coarse, real plant strong. "Real" starts with "R" for a reason......so like movie ratings....my site will remain "R' rated and imperfect.

Onward and downward.

(And if I get downward as far as I plan to a few days, or weeks, or even a month or two later than I would being "perfect"....Fuck it, The Big Sexy is still gonna get there!)