Last night, Mount Big Sexy erupted once again, and the earth is still shaking as a result. I may have to change my name from the "Big Sexy" to the "Big Epicenter."

Yes, I made the earth move. Even my poor dog was terrified. Above is a photo of her reaction to one of my recent Booming Salvos. It's amazing, she doesn't hesitate to smell our other dogs ass, but when the Big Sexy is rocking, she starts rolling.

But it's all good. My wife still loves me. However, the ear plugs she removed once I got the VPap to stop snoring, are back in her ears thanks to the hourly chimes on the Big Sexy's Grandfarter Clock.

And my little guy, the 9 year old...he's in heaven. What's better than abusing his Dad, who can almost fly through the house without a jetpack.

It's all worth it. 20 pounds down are in my cross hairs. I don't care if I have to fart it off, run it off, crap it off or nap it off....I want it OFF!

Onward and downward!