It felt like last week when I taught him how to shoot a basket. Now he’s dunking.

Rather than succumb to adversity in his life, he has learned how to overcome it and today, he’s confident, independent and good to the core.  Instead of being a victim, he used his adversity as an opportunity to be resilient and strong.  He is never afraid to take a risk, to embrace change and to strive to be happy....and it's paid off.  Now, he's ready to kick ass in college.

 I am very proud of My Boy.

And now, today, it was time to let My Boy go….and indeed, just like when it was time to say good bye to my incredible daughter when she left for college three years ago, it's his time and I’m sad to the core.

So why am I writing about this here? Because this is precisely one of those times when I hide for emotional cover in the fridge and I don’t come out until it’s empty.

But not this time….this time I’m reminding myself that this refuge for the past 50 years of my life is not for me anymore. I’ve made my investment in my family…I’m going to stay here and watch it pay off. I’m going to share in their accomplishment and their joys. I’m going to get to know and torture their spouses. I’m going to spoil their kids. And I’m going to be healthy for as long as I can so I can keep doing my thing and not be a burden on my beloved wife and kids.

I love you Ethan. Work hard! Enjoy these magical years. Achieve the right balance between work and play and master it.

Make your Old Man proud……and I’ll be here with the smile you count on to keep telling you how happy I am that I’m your Dad.