What a week! The Fab Five above is my incredible Mrs. Sexy, fellow wagoneer and best pal V-Secker, The Big Sexy, Vegan Dessert Magician Fran Costigan and My Mentor in Taking Control of My Life....our beloved Char Nolan. As you can see, we had quite the turn out for Fran's cooking demo. Her chocolates were kick ass and her spirit, even better.

WEEK 1 REVELATION: I don't have to cheat to love what I eat.

My life suddenly seems under control.

Before Last Monday, I doubted my health, my discipline and my future. I felt disappointed in me. I knew I was letting down those that love me and count on me.

Now.....suddenly, my heads a little higher. Today, I woke up after a great Saturday day and night spent with some of our best friends. Along the way, I had some of Fran's kick ass sweets at her cooking extravaganza, a couple of vegan beers and an awesome vegan spaghetti and meatball dinner.

Normally, the day after, I'd dive into a big breakfast. Instead, I wanted to work off those beers and sweets and I jumped onto the elliptical with a zest.

Today, I'm energized because I FEEL IN CONTROL.  I know what I need to do. I'm doing it. And I'm still looking forward to a great day.

Farting shmarting....my waft may precede me, but those are real pounds saying "Au revoir" as they exit my thinning ass.

....and the weight is coming off.  Tomorrow, y'all shall see.