Quotes from Thanksgiving in years past:

"Pass the dark meat please....pass it again please....(repeat)."
"I can't move."
"I need to lie down."
"I'm too tired to watch the football game."

Ahhhh, to be vegan......

I've always loved Thanksgiving. What Fat Fuck wouldn't? After all it was about food, excess, oh yeah and family and being thankful.....and then more food and excess.

When The Big Sexy started this journey, I had tomorrow circled on the calendar. How am I going to approach this day? What will I do so I don't feel deprived? Maybe we should just stay home and hide from that Big Bastard of a Bird....because I'm sure I'll miss woofing it down.

Even this morning, turkey and tomorrow were front of mind at 5:40 am. Maybe one little bite....what the hell? (It's never good when I throw in a "what the hell".)

I'm not gonna fool myself, turkey does taste better than Tofurky or Field Roast.

But alas....my "Top 10 Reasons for Sticking with the Tofurky and Field Roast and not stuffing anything that had eyes into my pie hole":

10) Turkey may taste better....Tofurky feels better!
9) If you really think about what the chef is cleaning out to create that big ass cavern in the middle of the bird...it's pretty fucked up!
8) I don't want to just watch football...I want to play football!
7) More time with family....less time on the potty.
6) If I go to the dark side....Factoid Dave will have to spend his holiday giving me all the reasons I messed up.
5) I'm not going to break my chair this year.
4) Turkeys are nice.
3) Just one taste will lead to another.
2) "Jonny V' sounds much better than "Jonny T"
1) As I look around our table tomorrow, I'm going to capture one of those great family moments in my mind, when everyone is smiling, happy, enjoying our holiday....and....I'm going to look at Amy, I'm going to see my kids, my family....and I'm going to be truly THANKFUL knowing that by skipping the bird, I'm adding more of these sacred holidays.

I am more thankful than ever this year. On this holiday, I own my health. My family is healthy and happy. We have many things to look forward to. And I have the support and kindness of all of you.

Please have a wonderful holiday. May you and yours enjoy great health, happiness and the love that this holiday was meant to nourish.

And for The Big Sexy....

Onward and Downward!