Ostroffs at the NHL Winter Classic (I'm thinner than I look...
5 layers of clothes under my jersey

I hope all my fellow vegans had a great New Year and that all my carnivore friends and family reading this feel like shit!

Lots to report.

The cruise went well...but I was dying to get back to land and to get back to my routine. After 5 months of getting on a great track, I did eat too much...I did drink too much...but I'm still a happy and die hard vegan.....and damn proud of it!

Mrs. Sexy and I did a lot right too.

As soon as we got on the boat,
we approached and made it clear to the Head Maitre' D that we were vegans and that we didn't want to eat the same shit day after day. We challenged him (and the head chef) to defy the lousy reviews we read about how they fed vegans. He was great (Thanks Gary!), the food was great and Norwegian Cruise Lines rose to the occasion! We joined our friends in the specialty restaurants which included a steakhouse, Chinese and an Italian place...and but for a few timing hitches....the kitchen fed us "our food" from the main kitchen and we were taken care of.

But the BEST food we had was in St. Thomas....

Besides being potheads....Rastafarians are vegans! Who'd a thunk it?

Of course, Mrs. Sexy knew this and found a Rastafarian kitchen off the beaten path in St. Thomas. It was hysterical...we ate our meal on an old bench from a van, in the middle of a head shop. We sat amidst new bongs, water pipes, flags with the pot leaf, Bob Marley tee shirts, knitted dreadlock caps and lots of incense....as we munched on an incredibly tasty variety of tofu, seitan, veggies and even a great piece of field roast they made from wheat.

This lunch was truly one of our great, unexpected, imperfect and non-touristy vacation memories.

The lesson we learned from this trip was to plan in advance....let it be known what we are and challenge the fuckers to out do themselves.

So here's the tally and the resolutions.

While I was under the impression in early November that I was down 50 pounds...I learned that the scale at the medical office I was weighing in at was off by 5 pounds. So I was down 45 pounds in reality. I made it through Thanksgiving without putting on any weight. Made it through the holiday parties without putting on any weight. These two accomplishments ALONE made the Big Sexy very happy...given all of the parties, dinners out, and the damned cookies and candy around the office that I didn't touch once.

But the cruise was my biggest challenge. Amy and I kept our goals simple. Have fun. Don't deprive. Stay vegan. Exercise as much as possible. Then when we returned home, we would deal with the few pounds we thought we might gain. While this may sound lame, I've never gained less than 5 pounds on a cruise!

Well I've been home for about a week and working like a nut to catch up. As of yesterday, I was back to 233, which is 1/2 a pound over my low weight before Thanksgiving.

While this may not seem like progress...it is to me. I made it through my biggest challenge thus far and it lasted 6 weeks. I'm still standing...still sexy...still happy and still feeling great.

So now..its back to moderation and focus. No desserts this week. Drinking far less vodka (but still some). Better, healthier foods. Exercise daily.

And my new goal. The big guy in the white glasses in the picture is my 19 year old son Ethan. He's 6'3" and I've got to say that when I stand next to him....I don't look so fuckin' sexy! Anyway, he currently weighs about 202 pounds. He has no fat on him and is in great shape...very athletic. He wants to add muscle with weight training this college term and wants to weigh about 205 or so.

Sooooooooooo....by the time he finishes this term......and by the time my daughter Adrienne graduates from college this Spring, the Big Sexy will weigh less than his hunky son....and that's a promise.
And I still won't be finished!

I hope each of you have some serious resolutions. If you were bad over the holidays...fuck it...get back on track now.

If I am not for myself, who will be?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now.....when?