That's right, The Big Boy was abroad, virtually stranded in the bush country of South Africa with nothing more than a loin cloth, my "Beat Meat" tee shirt, a spear... and some brie cheese... and I had no fuckin' choice.

OK, so maybe we had a Ranger, full kitchen, 3 hot meals/day and were surrounded by virtually every animal that roams the African continent.  So why, why, why did I do it?  First, remember that before I went vegan... I was a fat, undisciplined fuck!  So, now, I'm not as fat, and more disciplined (see below)... but as they say in the remote jungle of Africa, The Bush wasn't built in a day.  So now, I'm about 24 hours from setting foot back in North America... the the Good News is:

  •  I look forward... truly can't wait, to get back to feeling less weighed down, less guilty and more healthy... than I have been feeling since I broke down and blew 7 months (to the day... August 1, 2011 to March 1, 2012) of a total vegan lifestyle.
  • The meat in South Africa is the best in the world... with unique (and my very favorite) types of meat and fish that are fresh, wild and not filled with the hormones and shit that we shove in our meat in the US... and still I ATE NO MEAT!  Local eggs and cheese and some other dairy were my only sins.
  • I remained vegan until the second half of my trip, when the food variety got thin, the choices were less, and I decided I was feeling deprived.
  • It didn't feel good!  Again, I can't wait to get back on track at home.
  • Witnessing animal predators eat meat to survive reminded me that unless I need to kill something in order to survive... it doesn't make sense to me anymore.  The only thing I need to kill to survive is the fat in my ass and belly, the shit that clogs my arteries and plugs up my bowels, etc.
  • SO... I'm at the airport preparing for 36 hours of travel to get back to our crib.  I've put together a new page for this site with the top ten reasons for going vegan, again.  This new page includes 10 applicable vacation photos.  It's on this site and you can link to it by clicking HERE.
Enjoy the new page and join Jonny V as I head "Onward and downward... AGAIN."