The Gawk has arisen. He's had a very busy day! He has both managed to re-name himself "The Bigger Sexy" and managed somehow to pull his fat ass out of his favorite beach chair and drop the gauntlet on The Big Sexy. Yes, the big man has decided to drop the 3 pound t-bone.... to put down the serving find and wear his 35 year old high school basketball headband and challenge the Big Sexy to a weight duel! See the details under our comments to yesterdays "11 pound" post.

The first to lose 69 pounds wins(he picked that number, see how classless he is?). If neither does this by 1/28/12, then whoever lost the most starting yesterday wins.

The Vegas line on this is: "Man is The Bigger Sexy Freakin' Fat."

The World Wrestling Federation has dubbed this Tourney: "1/3 of a Ton of Fun!"

Here are 3 solid reasons why The Big Sexy will kick the pseudo Bigger Sexy's fat, cellulite filled ass!

1- I was dubbed "Big Sexy" by my very cool pal, a well respected NBA/NFL sports agent. Who is around better nick names than him? The "Bigger Sexy" gave himself his nickname, kinda like George Costanza with "T-Bone" or for that matter, like "Boy George!"  Need I say more?

2- The Bigger Sexy has decided to do this his way, not the vegan way. "His Weigh" got him another great nickname "Indy 319". Believe me when I tell you, that ain't no car's more like a car crash! And lucky for him, we're not factoring in cholesterol or triglycerides or BP.

3- Bigger Sexy doesn't have the love and support of all of you, My Homies!

So Bigger Sexy, I'll be doin' laps around you and by 1/28/'ll be "Indy 330."

Stay tuned gang.