Rip Esselstyn in his "Beat Meat and Get a Heart On" tee shirt, unveiling the secret E-2 Signal!

Some people talk the talk...My Man Rip walks the walk!

An inspiration. I am certainly not the first person Rip has inspired and there will be many, many more after me. Somehow, his spinachized hearing allowed him to take in, from Austin, Texas, The Big Sexy's scream for "Helllllllllllllllllp" all the way from Philly. First, he gathered his posse and put Char Nolan in charge. With Char came the incredible team of people that help make Whole Foods the bedrock of Plant Strong veganism. Then he got me all riled up on the first day of my 28 Day Challenge when he took the time to address the Big Sexy in a long Skype Conference. And I don't mean "Raise the flag up the pole" riled up.....I mean, "I'm gonna kick some ass" riled up! Then, Ripgan, Char and My Amy pushed the Big Sexy up the proverbial hill.....and before long, I started to run the rest of the way up on my own. Spreading my wings, I flew like a porky, gas fueled, bad ass eagle dropping turds (and weight) on carnivores who lurked below.

A visionary. Yes, The Ripster became a fire fighter because his thing is saving people. Yes Rip is brave and wiling to risk his life to save others. But, truth be told, he knew there were more people he could save by spreading the word that he learned thanks to his Dad's work and his Mom's cooking. (BTW- The other reason he became a fire fighter was he was well aware that the highly flammable farts that us Plant Strong Vegans emit would require him to be in a position to put these gas fueled infernos out!)

A Mentor.
One of my favorite new friends and a guy with an amazing wealth of knowledge on healthy living is Factoid Dave. You should be sure to read his comments to my posts and to look at the information Factoid Dave regularly provides. He's an amazing and passionate resource. Anyway, in one of his many comments that really moved the Big Sexy, Factorama wrote:

            What would life be like if every single day you inspired people just by doing what is best for yourself???

The Factmeister blew me away with this line. The Ripster has lived this way. Yes, he has an ulterior motive...his own health....his family's health. But he also has committed himself to reaching out, and transforming unhealthy, stubborn, carnivorous, emphatic ( "I could never live without meat!"), shit eating, rat bastards everywhere, just like the BIg Sexy.

Rip's only mistake. Stop calling it The "Engine 2- Diet" . My Brutha, DIETS SUCK! This is not a "diet"'s away of life Dude! The Big Sexy loves his plant strong meals, loves his snackie's, stuffs whatever healthy stuff he wants into his gargantuan pie hole and the weight is falling off. Jenny Craig is probably bigger than John Candy. Weight Watchers is a pretty good can watch your weight go down, go up, go down, go up. They should probably call it "Cholesterol, Triglycerides, blood pressure & Weight Watchers."  And Nutri System???? Have you ever seen the shit they want you to eat? Moreover, my favorite football coach on earth, Eagles coach Andy Reid, lost 50 pounds and did commercials for these geniuses. In less than a freakin' year, he's now put 75 pounds back on and probably weighs more than his entire offensive line!

Rip, keep doin' what you're doin' My Brutha. This is good for us, good for our kids, good for the earth. Pass it on.

Rip....Dr E....Mrs. E.......THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Onward and Downward......