I've never felt better than I have since I started this journey....never. My first hospital admission last month turned out to be a weird muscle tear that healed in a fraction of the time they projected it would take. I exercised rigorously and regularly beginning just 5 days after. That was not a health related injury.

 But this one certainly is health. Some of my doctors agree that because I lost so much weight (41 pounds the day before symptoms came on) and improved my conditioning so much, if anything, I'm able to fight back harder and I'd be worse in my previous state of health. I guess time will tell, but for now and the near future, I'm staying true to a path I believe in solely based on how it's made me feel.

 My fevers have been bizarre. One day I wake up with 104.3 and the most severe chills (they call them "Rigors") I've ever experienced. They last an hour or more then go to pouring sweat for another hour or two. Then I'm ok, fever back to normal, exhausted....then it starts again.

 The good news is that the Rigors are now shorter, the headaches have gone from 24/7 to 2-3 times/day and they don't last as long. But of course, everything is managed with lots of meds right now so much of the improvement is a likely facade. And, after 9 days of daily fevers that reach or pass 104, there's no diagnosis.

 So, here's the plan.

 Stage 1- transferring from the great suburban hospital I'm currently in, to University Of Penn Hospital, a top, university based, infectious disease center.

 Stage 2- hopefully, the docs at Penn will figure this out soon enough.

 Stage 3- once they do, hopefully they can blow this nasty shit out in short order. I've already had many many dozens of blood tests, xrays, MRIs, full body ct scan for them to review. They'll do more, but they will have a good head start.

 Stage 4- my body regains it's ability to regulate temperature and return to the great equilibrium I enjoyed up to the day before this happens.

 Stage 5- (a/k/a "Prune Deployment Phase") I spend three days crapping out the 2 weeks of food currently bottled up in this big sexy body.

 Stage 6- I make up for lost time and get some WOOWOO time with my woman. It's been so long, I hope that "WOOWOO" doesn't become "WHATWHERE"?

 Stage 7- water weight, gone, old food outta here, 6-7 days back on the cardio track and I'm back on my way and beat this thing as the Plant Strong, Big Sexy Vegan.