"The beginning is the most important part of the work"- Plato

Jonny O.....meet Jonny V.

My name is Jonny V and I am a veteran Vegan.

Day 28 was awesome. Scrambled tofu, mushroom, onion and peppers for brunch. A great dinner with salad, whole wheat pasta with marinara portabello mushroom piccata for dindin.

We're in Charlottesville Va for an extra day to avoid that Bitch Irene.....but tomorrow, Hurricane Jonny rolls back into town and I'm not nearly as wide and mean as Irene was.

My official weigh in will have to wait until Tuesday. But that works perfectly, because this dancin, cussin, fartin, plant strong Son of a Bitch of a Vegan is ready to forge ahead and start with my official new weight, instead of the end of my old weight.

I'm going to lose 80+ pounds and once I do, Rip Esselstyn is gonna look like a porker next to The Big Sexy.

And I also decided that next February, I'm gonna celebrate my un-birthday. I'm turning 50 again. Then, back through the 40's. A few decades from now, I'm gonna be hanging posters all over my dorm room with a roommate that's gonna complain to the RA about my constant farting.

Get ready for the next 50 years with Jonny V.

Thanks to all of you who helped make it happen....and for helping me to keep it going!

Onward and downward!