I can't believe all of the great comments already. Elle....tell your fat ass Dad to call me....and to stop being a dumb ass like I've been. You so remind me of one of my biggest reasons for doing this.....my kids....and wife....and friends,,,,and my dogs....and not the kind I can eat!

And Dave, looking forward to better numbers.

WineWench....That sweet potato sounds killer. Even though it won't be sitting next to my big honkerin' slab of prime rib!

I'm gonna enjoy the next 18 days of total meathood everybody. But beginning August 1.....for the last time.....nobody will say: "Pass the pork.....Pig." No, instead of that, it will be "Pass the agave.....Sugar."

Rip- Thanks for the quick shout out and for spreading the word. I may eventually change my name to "Rip", but past tense. Move over "Big Sexy" and make room for "Ripped Sexy".