10. When I fart in public at Walmart (which seems to be the place to do this), I can look at anyone frowning at me and say: "What? I'm a Vegan!"

9. My wife shouldn't be the only one that can see my "private parts."

8. My Dogs have stopped harassing me and begging for food at the dinner table because they hate the stuff we're eating now.

7. What the hell else can I blog about? (BTW- Please vote for me by clicking here for "CBS Philly" Most Valuable Blogger! I'M A FINALIST!)

I happen to like crapping six times a day....its probably the only time I sit down!

5. I like long titles, like "Jonny O, The Big Sexy Vegan Lawyer from Philadelphia."

4. I'd have to throw away my twelve "Beat Meat and Get a Heart On" tee shirts.

3. I wanna be to Whole Foods and Engine 2 Diet what Jared is to Subway.

2. I like the looks I get when I tell unknowing people I'm a "Vegan."  One of my kid's friends thought it was my motorcycle gang.

1. My family and my beloved friends.

As I told Rip...I'm all in.  Sick as you all may be of my frequent posts, I'm gonna stay with this new way of living and write about it as I go.  This is the New Big Sexy...The Better Big Sexy..The Evolved, Food Savvy, Fuel Burnin', Turning 50 again, Big Freakin' Sexy.

Going forward, I'm  weighing in at the beginning of each month. This is my symbolic way of starting each month right, and remembering that this is part of my new, long term journey.  Get ready vegetation...I'm gonna be a plant strong son of a bitch from here on out.

If I am only for myself, who am I?

If I am not for myself, who will be?

If not now, when?

It's time for me and the other Wagoneers to decide on our next challenge. Eating great food and living longer was yesterday. Time to up our game!

Onward and downward.....