Hello everyone, Amy aka "Mrs. Sexy" here.... Jonny's been really tied up with work since we got home from South Africa and he may not get to do another post in the next few weeks, so I offered to fill in and share some of our food experiences from our trip.

I'm happy to report that since we have been home, Jonny is FULLY BACK ON TRACK.  While we were away, we remained vegan until the last few days, when we indulged in some eggs and cheese.  Personally, I felt like crap and we both put on a couple of pounds (which luckily came right off after we got home).  It feels really good to be eating well again.  However, before our dairy digression, we did eat really well on our trip.  South Africa has wonderful produce and they grow nearly everything there and rarely import food.  There were great options for us most places we went and the restaurants were incredibly accomodating.    We are so grateful for the help of our dear friend and fellow Vegan Veteran V-secker, who accompanied us on our trip and found some incredible places for us to eat!  

Our first night in South Africa was Jonny's birthday, and we went to a fun place called Africa Cafe which had an incredible multi-course raw vegan menu:  


A couple nights later was a big birthday for V-secker and she chose an amazing restaurant for us to celebrate called Planet.  Planet always has a vegan tasting menu, which was impressive.  It is a gorgeous restaurant and the service was top-notch.  They even had little stools for our purses - very posh!  The food was delicious and beautifully presented.  My favorite dish was beet ravioli with cashew cream:

Another memorable meal was at a restaurant in the winelands called Indochine.  It is at a magnificent wine estate and the views were to die for.  You can see a bit of it on their website.  They actually created a special vegan menu, just for us!

The food was scrumptious, especially the selection of curries:

We will be back in South Africa in the coming months to do work for our charity, so it's really good to know that eating well there can be so easy!