Chill man...I didn't eat it, I just craved it!

When I was in the second hospital, I asked my overweight, attending doctor, who is a renowned infectious disease specialist, whether there's any chance my newer vegan way of life played a role in my illness. He told me:

    "I eat poorly. Meat, meat, meat. But I can assure you that if you changed your diet and this     helped your general state of health, I am confident it's helping you fight back this virus.     What you are eating now is certainly not going to hurt you, it's going to help you."

Still, once I returned home, for the first time since I became plant strong over two months ago, I CRAVED MEAT!

My Amy helped deal with this craving by finding really great stuff at Whole Foods that was meat like, but still plant strong. Field Roast (faux) Italian sausage and Field Roast hazelnut cranberry roast en croute. The latter is officially my favorite fake meat, vegan dish. It's fattening and not necessarily as healthy as most of our other meals.....but you know my mantra...."perfectly imperfect." It put out the meat craving fire and now I'm back to loving my plant strong food.

Here's my point. I wanted meat because it, and other fatty, unhealthy foods, have been my medicine my whole life.....until 2 months ago. Now I needed comfort....and I was craving my life long source for it. So I listened to suggestions from over the past few days. "Pay attention to what's really going on"....."learn from this and appreciate all that's great even more"....."stay plant strong." So now, the next time I'm craving meat or similar crap.....I MUST be mindful to look behind the craving and figure out what I really need.

Something for all of us to think about to help us stay plant strong.

And each time I get to this point, I will remind myself:

If I am only for myself, who am I?
If I am not for myself, who will be?
If not now, when?

Onward and downward.