10. When I fart in public at Walmart (which seems to be the place to do this), I can look at anyone frowning at me and say: "What? I'm a Vegan!"

9. My wife shouldn't be the only one that can see my "private parts."

8. My Dogs have stopped harassing me and begging for food at the dinner table because they hate the stuff we're eating now.

7. What the hell else can I blog about? 
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I happen to like crapping six times a day....its probably the only time I sit down!

5. I like long titles, like "Jonny O, The Big Sexy Vegan Lawyer from Philadelphia."

4. I'd have to throw away my twelve "Beat Meat and Get a Heart On" tee shirts.

3. I wanna be to 
Whole Foods and Engine 2 Diet what Jared is to Subway.

2. I like the looks I get when I tell unknowing people I'm a "Vegan."  
One of my kid's friends thought it was my motorcycle gang.

1. My family and my beloved friends.

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Going Vegan
(Posted pre-Vegan)
10  My dogs were starting to look yummy
9  I was at a steakhouse last week and when I ordered the 32-oz porterhouse, the waiter looked at me... closely... and said, "you know we have a larger cut if you're interested"
8   I'm tired of burping up bacon
7   I’m 2 lbs away from needing an extender belt for the roller coaster
6   It’s been 30 years since I won a weight bet against my Penn State boys
5   I was too fat to be permitted on a Segway or go skydiving
4    I hit my lifetime meat quota at age 33 (and now I’m 51)
3   Save on cleaning bills - I might stop getting food on the front of my shirts if my belly isn't between my food and the floor
2    I’m tired of professional ice hockey players making fun of how fat I am when I abuse them
1   My biggest reason (see picture and caption below)...

So I can get better at "hide and seek."