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The Big Sexy enters a world with no meat or dairy. Will tofu, jicama and love be enough?



I'm 40 years old and about to be a dad for the first time. The sad part is that I've gained over 20 lbs during this pregnancy, and I'm not the one carrying the baby! I truly feel addicted to soda and junk food. I want to set a good example for my kid, so it's time to clean up my diet.


Veggie Teacher
This teacher wears many hats: teacher of first grade, reading specialist, life coach, and cosmic energy. Oh yeah! She’s working to lower her cholesterol numbers without meds. Weight needs to come down too so…here’s to fresh fruits and vegetables, letting go of the seafood, more dog walks & trips to Curves along with signing back up for belly dancing! Come see what Jude's Eating to Live!




I don't want epitomize the dumpy, frumpy, stay-at-home mom stereotype any longer. I also don't want to pass on the standard American diet to my kids. Nor do I want to die young. Embracing a plant-strong, vegan diet to live my best life.


Nittany Vegan -

A cheeseburger lover for over 40 years I am taking the vegan plunge with Jonny O! I think the cheese may be harder than the burger...This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with healthy eating. Who knows, I may be able to toss my medications away and be chemical free again!! I am committed to taking the first step toward the life I want. I am ready to get my veg on !!!


V-secker - I'm doing this because it is time to lower my cholesterol for GOOD!!! A vegetarian for 15 years, I did 30 days vegan last year and dropped my LDL's by 70 points by eliminating cheese from my diet. I'm addicted and it's time for the big cheese break-up. It's also time to lose the 10ish pounds that have slowly crept onto my frame this past year and get back into my favorite clothes!!!! I also have 2 amazing friends taking this challenge and I want to be FULL IN to support them so I can have them in my life for many MANY years to come!!!


Jeremy "McCanadian"

I am 37 (on August 3rd so what better month to start this) 6'3" tall and weigh 245 LBS.  At the beginning of this year I weighed 260 LBS, so I have made some changes but still find the lure of junk food to be overwhelming.  I love chips, fried foods, and most of all meat.  I know what I need to eat, I just lack the motivation to stop eating (binging) on all of the foods that I love.  I know that if I keep eating this way I will not be able to be around for my two young children that I love to pieces and my beautiful wife.  I was not always overweight in fact in university I was skinny.  It was only after getting married and having kids that I started to pack on the weight.  In total I have gained over 65 pounds.  My goal is to get back to my pre-marriage weight and to once again have vigour and vitality.


I was Vegan for about five years and never looked better. I was also living in the UK during the Mad Cow crisis, so it was actually pretty easy to find meat-free food everywhere you went. When I moved back to the US, I found it harder to maintain. I had to cook EVERYTHING and I was commuting about 90 minutes twice a day and it just didn't work. I started eating meat and just giving up on vegan in general. Over the last 10 years, I've gained 30 (ok, probably more like 40) pounds. Alon rg the way, I've had three (unrelated) surgeries which contributed to the weight gain. And I've become insulin resistant. I do exercise regularly and I'm strong and fit, but it is my diet that is holding me back. I know that. Even though I don't enjoy meat, in general, I feel like I need to eat it to meet my daily protein guidelines, so now? I just have another kind of war with food - an internal one. Let's figure this thing out together. I'd love to be thin, but I'd settle for even 10 lbs off my frame. That would be awesome. 

I am Char Nolan.  I have been "plant-strong" since September 23, 2009.  After seeing the Engine 2 Diet book, I doubted that I could give up meat for 28 days, but the reality is that I have never looked back.  
I'm in my early 60's, my body was riddled with pain from osteoarthritis.  I lived on over the counter pain medications, my bones ached and ached.  When I got out of bed in the morning, I felt like an old lady.  
Fast forward to today--haven't had an aspirin in almost two years.  I live on plants and eat to live.  I exercise daily, sometimes twice daily.  And everyday, no matter where I am, I go to YOU TUBE and catch a video of anything related to Engine 2, Forks Over Knives, The China Study, etc..  Rip Esselstyn, and his mother Ann Crile Esselstyn are my heroes.  I could cry from the gratitude I carry in my heart for them.  
I've lost more than 80 pounds...still need to lose about 60 more ,and I know that it will happen. 
Jonny O, my friend whom I have never met, say good bye to that bad food, look to the plants, and find a new sense of well-being.  Power to the plants.  
I'm here with you. 

My husband and I have been vegan since 2008 and now we have a 7 1/2 month old vegan daughter.  I was inspired by Rip Esselstyn back in June when he came to visit the local Whole Foods Market in my town (Charlottesville, VA) and later did a wonderful evening dinner presentation of the Engine 2 Diet.  It was an eye opener for me as I realized that although my family is vegan, we still ate a lot of processed and refined food just like any other person on the Western Diet.  At that time I was starting my first blog in hopes to reach out to other vegan families but it took an even better turn when I found out I could inspire ANY family who wanted to become "Plant Strong" and also try to wipe away any vegan stereotype there was out there.  My life evolves around raising my daughter, taking care of our home, and feeding my family healthy vegan meals that are not only affordable but worth sharing the recipe with others.  To all those out there who are going vegan for the first time, your body and the animals will thank you for your commitment!!!  Good Luck to all of you :)


I am in the middle of the beef belt, Big D, married to a flame extinguisher (fireman) who is a die hard meat & potato hunk of man. Can this gal succeed as a vegan, get healthy and eliminate rheumatoid arthritis with a plant-based diet?


I'm hopping on the wagon because I need a support system. I have always struggled with my weight. READ MORE


"Sister Sexy" - Me and Jonny are soulmates (always have been). I do what he tells me to do. He has always been right and he is certainly right about this. I love it and feel great. Thank you for leading me down this wonderful path. I am with My Jonny all the way, 100%. I love you, my "Big Sexy".