It's time!

My back hurts.  I’m wearing a mask so I don’t die in my sleep.  I need to lose 80 pounds.  Weird sounds are coming out of my ass.  It’s time to be a vegan.

Life is great and it's not just because of what I just ate.

"Jonny O" /"vegan" is an oxymoron.  Anybody who knows me, a/k/a "The Big Sexy," knows my passion for porterhouse.  But after years of becoming too portly and moving towards the size of a house, its time for me to take the 28-day "vegan challenge."  

28 days. No meat. No dairy.


Rip Esselstyn, star and promoter of the incredible film "Forks over Knives," personally challenged me to take on the 28-day challenge.  

I can't do this alone and I need your help. Those of you who know me, know my passion for food, and know that I will freak the hell out if I can't eat meat, or cheese, or hot dogs or ice cream or cream in my coffee, or pork, fish or eggs......and I'm asking each of you to rally behind me. 

C' your head, right're thinking..."Yeah. Right. Jonny O, you can't do this!"

You know I can't do this.  But I need to.  If I do this for 28 days, I will probably keep eating the right way and TRANSFORM.  Then....I'll be around longer and feel better because I'm pretty sure that if I can eat RIGHT for 28 days....I can eat BETTER for another 28 days....and so on. Then, when I start to eat a little more to my liking, if I have a hankering for a sushi dinner or an omelette or another such digression, it can stop there...and I can still eat 95% healthy instead of 30%.....and live longer.

My wife, Amy, is willing to make a non-meat, non-dairy diet for me. She's been a vegetarian her whole life so she can make it interesting (AND this is her dream).

Here are some ideas to help support my mission:

1. Read my blog and abuse me.

2. Doubt me, and let me know it.

3. Write to me about your last carnivorous meal so that either you can torture me or I can live vicariously through you.

4. Make a small donation to our charity, Love to Langa, and if I blow the 28-day challenge, I will reimburse you.  My check to you will include a photo of me wearing a Speedo and honkering down a 32-oz porterhouse.  

Thank you for your love, support, abuse, doubts, and/or donations...or all of these.

Jonny O